Sharing Gurmat!

Titles to be recorded:

By Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

Gurmat Bibek

Jail Chithiaan

Other titles by Sant Gurbachan Singh ji,

Bhai Veer Singh ji, Sant Waryam Singh ji,

Sant Nand Singh ji, Sant Harnam Singh Rampur khera, etc.

Listen to the words of wisdom

Welcome to the Sikh audio books portal

We started this portal on request of Saadh Sangat to comtemplate on the words of Wisdom provided by great Gursikh writors and inspirators. As for most of us life is very hectic - audio books are a very good media to listen to great Sikh literature when we do not have to time to read, can not read Punjabi, can listen to it when on our way, on the mp3 player, etc.

Enjoy these works and give us your feedback.

European Sikh Council sevadaars

Your voice is our command

Sevadaars needed

Want to contribute to this seva?

  • if you have a PC
  • a microphone
  • can read Punjabi or English
  • Do have some spare time
  • Do not hesitate to contact us on


Ebooks and title requests

  • Do you have ebooks which you want to be recorded as audiobooks?
  • Or do your have titles you want to get recorded as audio books?

Email us on  info@sikhaudiobooks.com